Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas & Sisters

I had a nice Christmas at home. My human hired someone to attend to my needs. I got to stay with my sister.
She growls at me sometimes and bats her paw at me.
And hisses.

I don't know why she doesn't like me.

I try batting her head with my paws. I try jumping on her back. I try joining her on the fluffy pillows. I try stealing her food.

And she still doesn't want to be my friend.

Do any of you guys know how to solve this problem?

Saturday, December 16, 2006

My mommy is so dumb.

She spent two days sitting on the couch. TWO! Reading big, fat, boring books, and writing. And swearing. And writing. Did I get my playtime? (sniff) hardly! Two haphazard swings of the feather toy is NOT playtime. Did I get computer time? Well, this is the first chance I've gotten to get on the computer.

Please add to my Christmas list:
training program for Mommy
computer of my own
blog for whistle.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas List

Whistle just posted his Christmas list on his human's blog. . I want a list, too!

1) peace on earth!
2) Whistle and Fish to come visit me!
3) peace on earth!
4) to be allowed to eat all the human food that I want!
5) a person to come over to my house and play the birdy game and the pointer game! all day! whenever I want! All night, too!
6) peace on earth!
7) toys! toys! toys!
8) chin scritches!
9) peace on earth!
10) exclamation points for everyone!!!!!!!
11) my sister to like me and want to play with me! all day! all night!
12) peace on earth!
13) Whistle to get a blog and be my blog buddy! We'll be the revcatblogpals!!!! Forever! Mugs! T shirts! Friday Five! Ask the Experienced LitterBox User!
14) Peace. on. earth.

I have no idea what peace on earth means but I think I want it.

Thanks, Whistle! This was fun!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Finally eating in style!

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Thanks, Whistle and Fish and St. Cassy and Mr. Cassy and everyone else in Cassy land! I love my new bowl! I let my sister use the other one. Can you tell that the white matches my white spot? And doesn't match my sister at all! Thanks for the box, too! I loved the box! And the newspaper! And the TOYS!
Whistle and Fish are my new best friends. Mommy is so last week.

Friday, December 1, 2006

I was very sleepy after thanksgiving.


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I can't get my photo to upload with my profile---though I'm still trying, but I thought you'd like to see quite how cute I am. Because I am a true blogger, though, you won't be seeing my pretty boy face!

Big! News!

My mom put a tree in my house!
For me! me! me!

I love my tree. I brought it blue fishy toy, blue mousy toy, 3 Q-tips, and the pink fluffy toy (just in case it's a girl).
My sister didn't even get it anything.

I wish I could make pictures on my blog (mommy says something about freaking blogger beta--don't know what that means) then I'd show you all!

I have a tree!
In my house!
For me!