Monday, October 22, 2007

Hi, Everybody

Human mama went away.
Then she came back.
Then she went away.
Then she came back.
I don't know when she's leaving again.

I don't like it when she leaves.
Girlkitty doesn't play with me.

So I get lonesome.

But she's here now.

I brought her lots of presents for her pillow.

Girlkitty has learned how to use the stool to get up in the big bed of snuggly-love.
Now all of us can be in the big bed of snuggly-love together.

Even if girlkitty sleeps at the bottom of the bed and I sleep at the top, she is still in the big bed of snuggly love with me.

I think I'm growing on her.

Monday, October 1, 2007

News From Me

First of all, I do NOT like the pink medicine. Humans should not be able to squirt medicine into your mouth.

Second, I seem to be feeling better. My breath doesn't stink, and my teeth don't hurt when I eat crunchies. But that has nuttin' to do with the pink junk. I got better on my own.

Third, I'm starting a new organization called The New Boy Kitty Project. I'm going to find all the other kitty boys and we are getting together to talk about Issues Affecting Our Occupation as impacted by our gender (well, the gender we would be if it hadn't been robbed from us) and age. Because we need diversity, but sometimes it's important to talk to kitties who really do get it. I like being a Rev Gal Pet Pal, for the diversity of it, and then TNBKP to be with my peeps, er, kits.

I'm hoping to be named an editor of Garfield's Brothers, an e-zine for boykitties. My first article will be about how to negotiate with humans for a better flow of cat crunchies.

Girlkitty has been pretty nice to me lately. She's going to be a Seasoned Supporter of TNBKP.