Thursday, March 26, 2009

95 posts

I have made 95 posts since I became a blogger cat. That makes me a very big boy with a lot to say about
my sister,
my mama,
the part of ment,
my kitty sitter who is the rabbi's daughter
and my kitty sitter who is not the rabbi's daughter but who comes from the state where sarah palin is the governor--the real sarah palin not tina fey--
and greenies
and my friends who are kitties that i only know on the inner nets.

i am a big boy.
i have a lot to say.

Thanks for listening to me.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Mama is painting stuff.
Have you ever had painting.
Here's what it's like (just in case you haven't).

Mama puts newspaper on the ground, but you're not supposed to play in it.

Then she gets out milk but you're not supposed to drink it.

Then she plays a game with a stick but you're not supposed to play with it.

And it spells funny.

And if you keep trying to get close, sometimes you get milk on your fur.
And it's blue.
Like on your ear.
Then mama scrubs your ear to get rid of the paint.

I'm not so sure about painting anymore.