Thursday, November 22, 2007


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Today was a very busy day.

First of all, my human mom found the earring that I stole and hid. It was under the carpet in the living room. WAY under. But she found it. Rats!

Then, human mom made food on the stove. This doesn't happen a lot. I had some food. It was good. Then things were cooling down so I thought I'd have a little more. And I knocked over a lot of stuff, and that made a really, really loud noise and kinda scared human mom.

But the big, big, news is this: I picked up a DIME today!!!!!! This is a picture of me with it. You can't see it because I'm HOLDING it, but you have to trust me. I got a DIME!!!!

Can you see all of my toesies in the picture? I flexed them out so they'd look nice in the picture.

Gotta go. Want to steal something else before the day is over.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

10 random things about me

Saint Casserole says that anybody can be tagged from her game.
So I tag---me!

10 random things about me!

1. I have 6 toes on each of my front paws.
2. I can pick up quarters with my paws.
3. There were 3 boys in my birth family. The shelter named us after the 3 muskateers.
4. My name was Porthos.
5. I steal things out of the print box over my mama's desk, even though I know it makes her really, really crazy 'cuz they're "special."
6. I don't believe in special.
7. I don't like being picked up. I like to jump on laps, not be picked up. Boykitty liked to be picked up, but I had to tell mama that not all boys are alike.
8. Every day, I find something of my mama's and put it in my food bowl.
9. I always eat from the bowl on the right.
10. Sometimes I forget to close my mouth. I sit there with my mouth hanging open until someone laughs at me. It's REALLY easy to forget to close your mouth. Don't laugh.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Daylight Savings

The humans messed up their clocks and now I get in trouble because if the sun is up, the people should be, too!


And I'm not telling anyone where all the earrings are.