Thursday, September 18, 2008


Today a not. good. thing. happened.
Human mama picked me up and walked OUTSIDE with me.
This is not okay.
She said she did it to let the new catsitter in the house without letting me run out the front door up to the part of the ment on the third floor where 2 years ago there was a birdie but there isn't anymore, but you just never even know maybe it came back so why not run out if she's going to open the door?
She said we were only outside for a few seconds.
She said she was holding me hard.
But I think outside is SCARY.
I don't know WHAT Fish was thinking.
It's SCARY out there.
There are no couches.
There are no greenies.
Fish is a true adventure cat.
I am an indoor adventure cat. I like adventures on my couch, or on the carpet, or chasing my sister.
If I feel like a BIG adventure cat, I run upstairs to the third floor where there used to be a birdie but there isn't anymore.

In other news, our new catsitter has a kitty! But he doesn't want to come and be my friend.
Which is probably okay, because the new catsitter's kitty uses a human potty.
Really, he does.
I think that's disgusting.

Our old catsitter, the Rabbi's daughter, is busy. So we have a new catsitter. We can have two catsitters. And they can take turns.

The new catsitter is not the rabbi's daughter. She's from Alaska. But she promised never to call me Engine Nighthawk.

Whatever that means.


Monday, September 1, 2008

I've been busy

That's why I haven't blogged.

Here's what's new:

* whistle and fish had a birthday
* I didn't.
*Mama read a lot of books.
* I didn't.
* I got to cuddle with Mama during the books.
*That was good.
*I'm working really hard on my jump shot. I can jump up as high as Mama's head. I wish I could jump higher, though.
* Mama had humans over that I didn't know, and it was scary. I wanted to play but I was scared.
*Girlkitty just ignored them.
*Girlkitty is going to have a big birthday soon.
*I hope she gets greenies.
* She doesn't like them much.
* I do.