Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Holiday

Today is a Monday Holiday. Mama's school has off. That Girl's school has on.
So mama is home with me, which is the way life should be. I used to hate Monday holidays because Mama would clean stuff and mess up everything I'd worked hard on. But now I like them. Because a mama with a vacuum cleaner is still a mama.


PS: last night That Girl accused me of knocking over stuff. As if!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

That Girl

is not very nice to me. She has more toys than me. She sits in MY mama's lap. She tells me "no, no, no" when I get on the kitchen table, and then doesn't listen when I tell her "no, no, no." She chases me. This is NOT GOOD.

Mama says you have to look at the bright side. Here's the bright side:
1) She is warm. I like sleeping in her bed, but if she wakes up and sees me, she cries.
2) She can feed me. This is a good thing.
3) No matter what, I'm OLDER. I became 3 in June and she had to wait until October to be 3. I'm older. I'll always be older. I'll be 4 before her. HA!