Friday, July 11, 2008


Here's what's new in my house:

* Hot. It was hot. really hot. That loud machine was on. We don't like the loud machine at all.
* Last night, it was much nicer. The windows were open. I could talk to my squirrel friends. I like talking to them. They missed me.
* My friends moved away....the ones that always stopped by my window to talk to me. I hope some more people move in that think I'm extra cute.
* Because I am.
* The suitcases came out last night. I
* Mama says the rabbi's daughter is coming for hugs and kisses and kitty food.
* I'm going to take a really good bath or ten today.
* I like the rabbi's daughter.
* She's nice.
* And pretty.

How are the squirrels near you?